Interpretation of circular economy development strategy and action plan. "
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Business agency hearing on February 17

Development of recycling economy is a major strategic task of China's economic and social development, is an important way to promote the construction of ecological civilization and basic way, is to accelerate the transformation of economic development, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society to achieve sustainable development of the inevitable choice. In January 2013, the State Council issued a 'circular economy development strategy and action plan' (hereinafter referred to as 'the development of strategies and action plans'). This is China's first national recycling economy development strategy and special planning. This reporter interviewed the person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission.

Q: What are the main characteristics of 'the development of strategies and action plans?

A: There are four prominent features: First, the full preliminary studies, the work of a solid foundation. National Development and Reform Commission on the basis of the 42 research projects, together with relevant departments after a preliminary investigation, the preparation of drafting by experts, and to solicit comments and revise and improve the five stages, which lasted more than two years, completed the preparation of the 'circular economy development strategy Action Plan, adopted and approved by the State Council executive meeting to discuss the implementation. Second, not only embodies the strategic and prominent operability. 'The development of strategies and action plans, both long-term perspective, proposed to accelerate the transformation of economic development, and promote resource-saving, environment-friendly society, improve the level of ecological civilization's long-term strategy, but also focus on the current, combined with the development of various industries, sectors, social actual implementation of circular economy Mochi 10 demonstration Action, improve policies and mechanisms, and improve regulations and standards, strengthen management and supervision, and strengthen the technical and service support to establish the statistical evaluation system, strengthen publicity and education and international cooperation, short-term visible and effective support measures. Clear general idea of ​​the basic principles of the common problems both for the recycling economy, for different industries, the field of the development of recycling economy, provides a clear and easy to understand ideas, models and technology route, approach. Third, both medium-and long-term goals and clear recent specific indicators. Development strategy and action plan for the construction of a recycling-oriented society, the widespread implementation of recycling-oriented production, green consumption patterns popularization, resource recycling system covers the entire society initially established resources greatly improve the production rate can be significantly enhance the capacity of sustainable development and long-term goals. At the same time, to promote the recycling economy as soon as possible the formation of a larger scale, to 'Twelve Five' Increases the end resource output rate by 15%, resources recycling industry output value reached 1.8 trillion yuan, 18 main objectives. In addition, to the full implementation of a recycling-oriented production, and promote the social dimension of the development of recycling economy for the purpose of proposed nearly 80 quantify specific indicators of circular economy, covering the first, second and tertiary industries in the energy saving, water-saving, land, section materials, recycling of resources, and other aspects. Fourth, focus on innovation, advance with the times. Development strategy and action plan for the focus of the development of recycling economy, difficult, hot, a lot of innovative ideas, content, style, mechanism point. For example, for the efficiency of resource use is not high, and the low level of renewable resources 'cycle and no economy' as well as the individual secondary pollution, renewable product quality and safety, waste oil back to the table, and other issues, efficient use of security loop The basic principle; against eighteen major development of ecological culture 'and establish the requirements of the whole society and resource recycling system' to encourage the circulation of cultural and creative activities, the strategy of large circulation, and promote inter-industry and inter-industry production clearly to implement green consumption, carry out 'anti-food waste action of extravagance and waste in society,' the development of strategies and action plans in response to the Central spirit with living systems, recycling of resources at home and abroad cycle links, and other measures; to promote food and beverage companies, agencies and enterprises canteen, official dinner, family and other aspects of saving food. In addition, 'the development of strategies and action plans in the form of illustrations, the preparation of a schematic diagram of a number of key industries and the development of recycling economy, and put forward some new ideas, new concepts, new methods, new technologies, reflecting the reform and innovation and advancing .

Q: 'the development of strategies and action plans to reflect the party's 48 put forward' vigorously promote the construction of ecological civilization 'requirements?

A: The party's 48 put forward the construction of ecological civilization must 'focus on promoting green development cycle of development, low-carbon development. Development strategy and action plan on how to advance the cycle of development is actually to make overall plans and arrangements, specific actions to achieve the cycle development, driven by cyclic development of green growth and low carbon development.

Eighteen proposed to develop recycling economy and promote the reduction of production, circulation and consumption process, re-use, resource 'and' to promote a fundamental change in resource use patterns 'new requirements. Development strategy and action plan closely around the overall requirements of the ecological civilization throughout the task of improving energy efficiency, and to improve the quality of the environment, in accordance with the 'reduction, reuse, recycling, reduction priority' principle, clear the specific goals to improve the the resource output rate, land productivity and water production rate of resource utilization efficiency and effectiveness, and more complete in the production, circulation, consumption of various aspects of specific policy measures for the development of recycling economy , at the same time to make specific arrangements for the deployment of various industries in various fields and the development of society as a whole circular economy.

The eighteen major clear that to rely more on resource conservation and recycling economy to promote 'accelerate the transformation of economic development mode. 'The development of strategies and action plans to build a recycling-based industrial system, to build a recycling-based farming systems, and to build a recycling-based services system as the main battlefield of the implementation of a recycling-oriented production, the strategic task, clear and specific goals, summed up the basic mode is given technology roadmap and the way to achieve, strive to traditional extensive production transformation of the mode of economic development mode to conserve resources, protect the environment. Development strategy and action plan to build a resource recycling system covering the whole society, the implementation of green consumption, big cycle strategy focus, establish a new concept of resources, consumption, accelerate the construction of a recycling-oriented society, these are the focus on accelerating economic development pattern, and efforts to form a spatial pattern of conserving resources and protecting the environment, industrial structure, mode of production and way of life and make the strategic plan and work arrangements.

Q: What is the main task of the development of recycling economy?

A: 'the development of strategies and action plans put forward four key tasks: to build a recycling-based industrial system, to build a recycling-oriented agricultural system, build a recycling-based services system, to promote the social dimension of the development of recycling economy.

In building a recycling-based industrial system, the full implementation of a recycling-oriented mode of production, the implementation of cleaner production, promote source reduction; promote the comprehensive development and utilization of resources, recycling of wastes; promote the park loop transformation to achieve energy cascade utilization of water resources recycling The use of waste exchange, intensive use of land conservation, promote enterprise-cycle production park cycle development, industrial cycle combination, and enhance the capacity for sustainable development of the industry.

Build a recycling-oriented agricultural system to expedite the implementation of resource utilization savings, clean production process industry Links cycle, waste treatment and resource, the formation of circular agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery multi-industry symbiosis mode of production, promoting agricultural modernization, improving rural ecological environment, to improve the overall efficiency of agriculture, promote agricultural development mode change.

Build a recycling-based services system, the service main to green cleaning service process, promote the service industry and other industrial integration and development, and play an active role in the services guide people to foster the green cycle low carbon concept.

In promoting the social dimensions of development of circular economy, the perfect renewable resources and waste separation and recovery system, to promote the industry the use of renewable resources, the development of remanufacturing, promoting food kitchen waste resource utilization, the implementation of the Green Building Initiative and green transportation operations, implementation of green consumption , the implementation of the strategy of large circulation, accelerate the construction of a recycling-oriented society.

Q: community extravagance and waste, 'the development of strategies and action plans from which to strengthen the measures?

A: 'Development Strategy and Action Plan' to 'reduction priority' as the basic principles to promote green consumption patterns as an important task in the development of recycling economy around the curb on the current social luxury consumption, excessive consumption and even waste of proposed clear, fundamental measures. Advocate a civilized, conservation, green, low-carbon, cycle concept of consumption, carry forward the fine tradition of thrift, abandon the pomp, show off, the bad habits of extravagance and waste, improve society as a whole energy-saving, water-saving, saving food awareness. Followed in spending is to encourage consumers to purchase and use of energy saving and environmental protection products, environmental labeling products, energy saving and environmentally friendly vehicles and new energy vehicles, land-efficient housing, reduce the use of disposable supplies, resist excessive packaging, encouraging online shopping, video conferencing, paperless office, not consumption of rare wild animals and plants, and promote green travel, to promote eco-tourism, to eliminate improperly discarded trash. Encouraged to reduce the use of disposable wooden chopsticks, snack, and in-room disposable toothbrush, razors and other supplies in the catering and accommodation industry, especially food and beverage enterprises to guide customers to the moderate point of the meal, postprandial packaged firmly opposed to the food and waste in the retail and wholesale industry to encourage open green product sales area, counter trade and business enterprises, introduce green products to consumers, to expand the consumption of green products, driven by the production of green products. In addition, the strengthening of government green procurement system, the government agencies to set an example in the energy, water, section paper, grain, construction of economical government, and actively foster the development of the leasing industry, thrift industry to promote the re-use of the product.

Q: circular economy ten Baiqian 'demonstration actions include what?

A: the ten heavenly 'demonstration' development strategy and action plan proposed action, ten demonstration projects for the implementation of circular economy, create one hundred circular economy demonstration cities (counties) and nurture one thousand circular economy demonstration enterprises (Park).

'10' is the top ten demonstration projects. Including resource utilization demonstration projects, industrial park loop transformation demonstration projects, renewable resource recycling system demonstration project, 'City mineral bases demonstration project, remanufacturing industrial demonstration projects, dining kitchen waste recycling and safe handling demonstration projects, the production process collaborative resources to deal with the waste demonstration project, agricultural circular economy demonstration project cycle services demonstration project, resources recycling technology industrialization demonstration and promotion project.

'Hundred' is to create a one hundred circular economy demonstration cities (counties). Select the 100 or so cities (counties), to create a national recycling economy demonstration cities (counties). The model city (county) to the full implementation of the cycle of production and green consumption patterns, resources recycling system, resource production rate exceeded the national average, and to explore restructuring and development of the whole society and the first built up road.

'Thousand' cultivate one thousand circular economy the demonstration enterprises (Park). Select the 1000 backbone enterprises or park, to establish a circular economy typical. Production rate of the demonstration enterprises or park resources, land productivity, energy consumption per unit of output, material consumption, water consumption, comprehensive utilization of industrial waste, industrial water recycling rate, and other indicators of the leading domestic level and international advanced level.

Implementation of circular economy the 'Ten Baiqian' demonstration of action, independent investment at all levels of government through the existing policies and funding sources to give the necessary financial support, focusing on support for the relevant public service infrastructure, public service platform, key projects, capacity construction of key common technology industrialization demonstration and promotion. Guide the financial and investment institutions to invest in major projects of the recycling economy. Encourage enterprises through its own capital, bank loans, public financing, issuing bonds and other major projects of the way of the implementation of circular economy.

Q: What development strategy and action plan proposed safeguards, and how to ensure the effective implementation?

A: 'the development of strategies and action plans proposed eight safeguards. One is to improve the cycle economic policies, including industry, investment, prices and charges, financial, tax, and financial aspects of the policy. Sound regulations and standards, and to improve the Circular Economy Promotion Law related regulations and rules, study and formulate restricting excessive packaging regulations, circular economy development special fund management approach, the automotive parts remanufacturing management approach to establish and improve standards and measurement of circular economy detection system. The third is to strengthen the management and supervision of circular economy, the implementation of extended producer responsibility system, strengthen the management of recycling economy, to explore the mechanisms of the market-oriented management, strengthen supervision and inspection. The fourth is to strengthen the circular economy technology and support services, to accelerate the development of the common key technologies, increasing industrialization demonstration of technical equipment to accelerate the popularization and application of advanced and applicable technologies, and improve the system of circular economy. Fifth, the statistical evaluation system for the establishment of recycling economy, establish a statistical accounting systems and data release system, the development of circular economy evaluation index system, the the resource output rate as a comprehensive evaluation of circular economy development effectiveness indicators, strengthening statistical capacity building. Sixth, to strengthen publicity and education and training of personnel of the circular economy, the popularity of the cycle of economic knowledge, publicize typical cases, experience in the promotion of demonstration building in the country, the number of circular economy education demonstration base, the concept of circular economy and knowledge in basic education, vocational education, higher education related courses. 7 is to strengthen the cycle economic exchanges and cooperation, international exchange platform, innovation and cooperation, promote circular economy concept and mode, and the construction of circular economy demonstration base in Japan and South Korea, to jointly promote green development. Eight is to strengthen the organization and leadership of circular economy, the State Council to establish a sound development cycle of economic organization and coordination mechanism, the study on major issues, the deployment of a major task, grasp the progress of the implementation and effectiveness of regular supervision and inspection.

At the same time, 'the development of strategies and action plans,' asked the relevant authorities to do related work in accordance with the division of responsibilities and strengthen coordination and cooperation, and concerted efforts, the National Development and Reform Commission to develop a national recycling economy year Plan to strengthen the management and evaluation of tracking. Local government work overall responsibility for the development of recycling economy, strengthen management and co-ordination, to establish a working mechanism, pay close attention to the preparation and implementation of the circulation of the region's economic development plan and the annual promotion plan, the introduction of supporting policies, a clear division of tasks do layers of responsibility to carry it out step by step, to ensure the completion of the goals and tasks of the development of recycling economy.