Countries from four aspects to take measures to solve the problem of excess production capacity
Date:2013-03-10   View:4515

Business agency hearing on March 7

The second session of the National People's Congress meeting News held a press conference in the Media Center, multi-purpose hall, the National Development and Reform Commission Zhang Ping, answered reporters' questions on the related issues of economic and social development and macro-control '.

China News Agency, China News Reporter: As you just said the past few years, the economic structure in the optimization, we also note that the outstanding problem is that we are facing overcapacity, a lot of the attention of the community on this issue today Zhang can not give we introduce China's overcapacity in the end is what the situation, whether it is a state regulation or self-regulation of the market, what kind of measures we have to take to be able to effectively solve the problem of overcapacity.

Zhang Ping: After 30 years of development, our country has a big manufacturing country. The manufacturing sector in supporting economic and social development and people's living needs at the same time, some industries, some industries also appear overcapacity. Especially the traditional industries of iron and steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, flat glass, coke. Nearly a period of time, the emerging photovoltaic, wind power equipment industry appeared overcapacity. Just the reporter friend asked if I used a quantitative indicator to summarize, in general, is the iron and steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, flat glass, coke, our capacity utilization of these industries are generally in the 70% - between 75% and international general measure of normal market competition, capacity utilization should not exceed the rate of 80% -85% is more reasonable. Impossible situation is the production falls short of market economy conditions, only a modest surplus, to be able to stimulate competition in the market, to be able to promote technological progress, upgrading of management. Utilization of these industries is only 70% -75%, so there are overcapacity.

PV utilization lower, less than 60% of wind power capacity now, less than 70% capacity utilization fan. Due to excess capacity, it also caused some problems. Its own resources, not to mention a waste of labor to create Regardless, these enterprises, these industries also face a lot of difficulties. Therefore, the steel industry, cement industry, in particular, electrolytic aluminum, coke, flat glass industry now are more difficult. Larger than last year's loss of face, the steel industry last year's profit margin is only a few 1:00, there are a considerable number of enterprises in the loss of state. The electrolytic aluminum loss of face last year reached about 50%. The enterprise itself is very difficult, but also caused a number of vicious competition, knowing that the loss but also production, but also to maintain its operation. Such a state has also led to some local protectionism, segmentation of the market. Therefore, in this context, for the transformation of economic development mode, adjust the economic structure is very unfavorable. Therefore, to resolve the overcapacity is a key to adjust the economic structure and changing the mode of development in our current and future time. Adjust the excess capacity, you just asked a question the results of the results of the market or government regulation? Various factors, the economic sector and the friends from the press can do in-depth analysis. Total by continuing to deepen reform, to a fundamental solution to some of the factors we are now in excess capacity and institutional mechanisms.

Excess capacity currently exists, the central clear direction to solve the problem, is to respect the law, separation of Implementation, multi-pronged approach, treating the symptoms, to resolve the problem of overcapacity in accordance with such requirements. Respect for the law is to respect the laws of economic development, respect for the rule of the market, respect for the various industries own laws. Separate facilities strategy, according to different industries, different products take different measures. Multi-pronged approach, to take a variety of economic and legal means, of course, including the necessary means of regulation, is a means of administrative control. Tackling the problem is necessary to solve the current problems, but also on the institutional mechanisms capable of forming a serious excess capacity situation will not occur again in the future. For resolving overcapacity, we now also put forward a number of policy measures, including technological advances to improve the grade, quality and level of our products.

In a sense, we are now producing surplus is structural in nature, their own quality of our business is still relatively low, the structure of the industry, the quality of the industry is not high, the structure also unreasonable, our own innovation capability . I just say that these excess capacity, there are some problems we can not solve. Such as plate glass, we are now producing a serious surplus of electronic flat glass, like these large flat panel TV glass substrate has always been imported, we can not produce. Recent years through scientific and technological future, we are now only one or two companies in the country to master this technology, but most rely on imports. Including our fans, wind power equipment, our fan an integral control system also imported. So, first of all to improve the quality of the enterprise, to address the overcapacity, this is a way. Second, to digest the excess number of capacity through mergers and acquisitions. Third, the survival of the fittest eliminated a number of backward production capacity. Fourth, we encourage our businesses to overseas development, transfer of a number of production capacity. Through the take various measures Duocuobingju, we will strive to solve the problem of excess capacity, maintaining social stability and the interests of workers and, in the process, allows us to further economic development onto the track of sustained, healthy.