EU intends to open the ticket of the huge amounts of "blue sky"
Date:2013-03-15   View:4469

Business agency hearing on March 8

Headache recently so proud German EU 33 cities, including Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, warned, urging to improve air quality, the EU Court or face hefty fines.

According to the latest statistics, many EU countries seemingly clean air quality is not up to Germany and Denmark are more two superscalar. Berlin Urban Development and the Ministry of Environmental Protection spokeswoman Petra imitation Fan jealous kill pansy astatine φ ? 'High EU standards, not only in Berlin can not be achieved, and many cities in Europe can not be achieved. '' The fact is, once was an EU fine, the German government is likely to pass on the burden will be a federal state and towns. '' Taxpayers should not the wrong policies pocket. Significantly reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, some cities in Germany must complete ban on motor vehicles.