Chemical market entered a new round of cycle
Date:2013-04-01   View:4143

March 26 - business club

Business club, according to data from last week, in the monitoring of the 68 kinds of chemical products, prices of only 21, and 19 species of rose less than 1%, the highest increase of only 1.98%. Analysts believe that the domestic chemical market since march into a new cycle of more clear, the current is still in depth the process of finishing, has not yet arrived at the bottom of the stage.

Last week, under the influence of the international crude oil keeps disadvantaged consolidation, pure benzene, toluene, xylene, acetone, phenol, coking benzene and other organic chemical products almost overall downward. Business club analyst zhang Ming believes that the weakness of the crude oil price, not only directly routed the downstream aromatic hydrocarbon, ketone of alkane, olefin, phenol products the cost of support, and affect the petrochemical market mentality.

Demand side, the Spring Festival after the domestic chemical industry market is from the industrial manufactured goods to the long term pulling rarely, sluggish domestic demand. In march, the international market demand is also showing weakness, export-oriented representing major chemical products urea recently market clinch a deal the price drop down again; At the same time, external dependency high sulfur, ethylene glycol, PX, and other products in the near future to port supply low price increased, too.

For the chemical market in foshan, zhang Ming said, optimistic estimates, at the end of April, if improve international market demand, under the urea and phosphate exports or can rebound; Pessimism is expected to organic products of the traditional peak season in August, the market can be expected only upward as a whole.